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CCAvenue Payment Gateway for Membership Pro

In terms of membership positions and subscription management, a reliable and secure path is essential. CCAvenue, a recognized number in the industry, is famous for its solid security and transparent process. With the integration of CCAvenue into Ultimate Membership Pro, you can optimize your membership pages and provide a secure and efficient experience for your subscribers.

What is CCAvenue?

CCAvenue is a trusted online destination for your trust and compromise with the safe process of your websites. Provides a secure and easy-to-use platform for businesses and web sites that receive online pages, where it is convenient for the preferred option of many online businesses.

Why choose CCAvenue for Ultimate Membership Pro?

Simple integration: easily integrates CCAvenue into your Ultimate Membership Pro configuration, without requiring full coding. Know how to accept membership pages and subscriptions in minutes, you are an expert in technology or new in the administration of online memberships.

Safety: with CCAvenue, safety is a maximum priority. All transactions are protected by advanced security functions, which guarantee the confidentiality of the confidential data of our members.

Customizable Membership Planes: Customize your membership plans and price options to match our specific membership offerings. Personalize the planes to satisfy the unique needs of our members.

Support multidivisa: amplís su alcance a nivel mundial aceptando pagos en múltiples monedas, concordando comodidad a los internacionales suscriptores internacionales.

Complete information: make a sequence of the ingredients of your subscription with detailed information functions that the user has kept organized and has informed decisions.

Comience hoy: no pierda suscriptores ni ingresos potenciales. Take your membership location to the next level with the CCAvenue page pass for Ultimate Membership Pro. Optimize the process of your payment, trust me in our messages and increase the availability of our offers based on subscription. Learn how to discover the benefits of online subscription management without complications.

¿List to come? Download CCAvenue Payment Gateway for Ultimate Membership Pro and accept membership pages with confidence.


  • Cuenta CCAvenue activated: you must be an Indian seller to register.
  • Ultimate Membership Pro Complemento
  • The forms must work in AJAX mode.
  • No valid SSL certificate is required as your customer’s credit card data is entered in a secure form on the pages posted by CCAvenue. Sin embargo, recomienda tener uno. This does not include customer credit card numbers or confidential information on your website.

Disclaimer of responsibility

All transactions take place in a secure manner on the CCAvenue platform, which guarantees the highest levels of security and compliance.

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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Released: Sep/2023
  • Requirements: WordPress 5.4+, Membership Pro
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