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GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway

Are you ready to embrace the world of cryptocurrency and offer your customers a seamless payment experience? With the GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway, you can easily integrate digital currency payments into your website. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, it’s essential for businesses to adapt to these new forms of payment.

The GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway provides a user-friendly and secure platform for processing Bitcoin and Altcoin payments. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, integrating this payment gateway can open up a whole new market for your products or services. In this article, we’ll explore the features of the GoUrl gateway, including setting it up and integrating it into your website.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up a GoUrl account, generating wallet addresses, and installing the plugin zip file. We will also delve into the integration of the GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway with your website, including setting product prices in cryptocurrencies, customizing payment notifications, and ensuring multi-language support. Additionally, we will explore exchange rates and live exchange integration, providing you with the tools to navigate the world of digital currency with ease.

Features of GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway

GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway is revolutionizing the way businesses accept payments online. With its extensive compatibility list, including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Potcoin, and Feathercoin, it offers flexibility for both merchants and customers. This innovative gateway supports automatic installation, making it a breeze for merchants to start accepting crypto payments swiftly alongside credit card gateways.

The standout feature of GoUrl is its open-source design, enabling web developers to tailor the plugin according to their needs and offer custom solutions. GoUrl’s integration with WooCommerce, through the GoUrl Bitcoin Gateway, adds an array of payment options to e-commerce sites, tapping into the burgeoning market of digital currency transactions.

Moreover, the GoUrl WooCommerce Addon is lauded for being user-friendly and provides robust support for its users. It’s been designed to function seamlessly with the latest WooCommerce versions, ensuring that businesses remain up-to-date with technology and security standards.

In summary, the GoUrl Payment Gateway empowers businesses to:

  • Accept a variety of cryptocurrency payments, broadening customer choices.
  • Enjoy hassle-free automatic installations.
  • Customize payment solutions leveraging its open-source nature.
  • Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce and manage pricing in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Setting Up GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway

The GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway offers a comprehensive and user-oriented solution for web developers, affiliates, and merchants eager to delve into the world of crypto payments. The setup process is straightforward and allows for various levels of customization, responding to the diverse needs of its users.

Creating a GoUrl Account

To get started with the GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway, the first step is creating a GoUrl account. Signing up is free, and the process is flexible—accounts can be opened and closed at any point, with any remaining balances automatically transferred to designated crypto addresses. Users must register or log in on the GoUrl.io website, create payment boxes for each cryptocurrency they wish to accept, and receive their unique Private/Public keys to integrate into their websites.

Generating Wallet Addresses

A key feature of GoUrl is the ability to generate up to three client wallet addresses. This enables users to allocate a specific percentage of profits to each address, thereby optimizing the distribution of funds according to the user’s business model or revenue-sharing agreements. Notably, wallet addresses can be locked to prevent unauthorized changes in the future. Payments are direct to users’ or their clients’ wallet addresses, with daily payment methods and minimal payouts set at 0.01 BTC for Bitcoin and around 0.10 USD for other altcoins. Wallet addresses also have the functionality to display QR codes, simplifying the transaction process for mobile phone users.

Installing the Plugin Zip File

Installing the GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership plugin is a task that can be executed with ease. For those with WordPress sites, this entails navigating to the Plugins menu within the dashboard, clicking ‘Add New,’ and then proceeding to ‘Upload Plugin Zip File’. After uploading the appropriate zipped file, you would finalize the process by activating the plugin from the ‘Installed Plugins’ section. On the other hand, if you are managing dependencies and licenses manually, you would download the plugin package installer from the WP2E project tab marked ‘code’. This downloaded zip file is then uploaded and activated from the plugin list in your local environment, ensuring all necessary components are in place for the gateway to function correctly.

This tireless gateway lays the foundation not just for accepting diverse cryptocurrencies, but also for participating in an affiliate program that benefits developers and affiliates alike, rewarding them for their referrals and contributions to the GoUrl ecosystem.

Integrating GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway with Your Website

Integrating the GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway into your website offers a streamlined and financially rewarding opportunity for both merchants and developers. With support for various programming languages including ASP, Python, Java, C#, Node.js, and PHP, the gateway can be embedded efficiently into your existing infrastructure. Integration is made simple through the use of clear instructions provided on the GoUrl website, facilitating a quick setup process for those who wish to harness the benefits of crypto payments.

The gateway’s open-source nature empowers developers to customize, enhance, and even sell their add-ons, creating new value-added services and functionalities. If you’re using WordPress, automatic installation can be initiated through the ‘Install Now’ option. For manual installation, downloading the plugin and uploading it to your website completes the setup. With the Crypto Captcha (CRYPTOBOX) feature, you adopt not just a payment gateway but also a security measure with aesthetic adaptability, providing identical technical solutions with various visual options to best fit your site’s design.

Setting Product Prices in Cryptocurrencies

To accommodate the diverse preferences of online consumers, the GoUrl WooCommerce plugin permits setting product prices not only in USD/EUR but also directly in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies like BitcoinCash, DASH, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. For web admins, this feature streamlines the pricing strategy by enabling the configuration of prices in the admin panel, further enhancing the user experience for front-end consumers by providing them with a transparent crypto pricing model.

Moreover, vendors have the liberty to receive payments automatically in external wallet addresses, ensuring that the process remains efficient with quick payment forwarding, typically within 30 minutes after a balance exceeds 0.015 BTC. For altcoins, the threshold for auto-withdrawal is set appropriately lower, promoting fluid transactions across various cryptocurrencies.

Setting Up Payment Gateways

With three distinct integration options for WooCommerce, the GoUrl Payment Gateway exhibits flexible adaptability for your online store. These include the standard way, which incorporates conventional payment gateway functionalities, direct product pricing in Bitcoin/Altcoin, allowing merchants to configure product costs directly in their preferred cryptocurrencies, and support for a spectrum of altcoins expanding user choices.

Customization doesn’t end with functionality, as personalizing the payment box style, logo, and localization is seamless. This not only improves brand consistency but also caters to a global audience with translation support for various languages such as Spanish and Bulgarian. Affiliates stand to gain a substantial income stream by distributing free or paid plugins or scripts with their embedded affiliate key, capturing 0.50% of all customer payments processed through these instruments.

Customizing Payment Notification

The payment notification process is a pivotal aspect of the transaction experience. The GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway plugin offers ample customization, allowing users to tailor the payment box’s appearance and logo to blend seamlessly with their brand identity. This tailored experience extends to payment notifications, which can be personalized to match the site’s style, enriching the overall customer experience.

Developers interested in added flexibility can harness JSON data functionalities to create proprietary plugins with integrated payment gateway capabilities, offering unique and customized solutions that align with specific business requirements. The plugin’s non-custodial approach assures a heightened level of security, as all cryptocurrencies move directly to the vendor’s external wallet, eliminating the risk of holding funds on GoUrl servers. The GoUrl.io account and website synchronization feature keep payment data consistent and reliable, and free tech support caters to any queries or challenges that may arise during integration or post-setup.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language support has become an essential feature for software and websites aiming to cater to a diverse and global user base. By enabling interfaces, content, and communication features to be available in multiple languages, businesses can significantly enhance user experience and accessibility for non-native English speakers. This vast accessibility fosters a sense of inclusivity, allowing users from different linguistic backgrounds to interact with the software in a way that feels familiar and comfortable.

Offering content in a variety of languages not only broadens the customer base but also provides companies with a competitive advantage in international markets. To effectively serve the needs of a multilingual audience, it is crucial for businesses to invest in the translation and localization of their digital services. Regular maintenance, updates, and testing are necessary to ensure that the multi-language functionalities remain accurate and efficient for users worldwide. Successful multi-language implementation reflects the organization’s commitment to diversity and its adaptation to the increasingly interconnected global economy.

Persian Language

The GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway made significant strides in inclusivity with the introduction of Persian language support in version 1.1.6. A heartfelt appreciation goes to the contributors Kaveh and Ali-Mehdi, who played pivotal roles in this advancement. Persian, being a Right-to-Left (RTL) language, presented unique challenges but also affirmed the plugin’s commitment to embracing linguistic diversity.

By localizing the plugin for Persian-speaking users, GoUrl facilitated smoother, more coherent interactions by allowing for adjustments in text and user interface elements that resonate with the user’s cultural context. This update was more than a technical enhancement; it was a step towards bridging gaps between different user segments and showcasing the importance of recognizing regional preferences in the burgeoning domain of cryptocurrency payments.

Polish Language

In May 2016, the Polish language joined the linguistic portfolio of GoUrl offerings, with a special mention to Kacper for his contribution. This addition has been made across various platforms, with the GoUrl PHP Bitcoin Payment Gateway incorporating it, followed by its integration into the WooCommerce Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway Addon (version 1.2.4) and the xe.com plugin for GoUrl (version 1.3.14).

For users preferring to interact in Polish, the Cryptobox localization feature has been a game-changer, allowing payment boxes to display all text in Polish. This localisation effort facilitates a tailored experience for Polish-speaking users. Further community involvement is encouraged, with the GoUrl team inviting users to help refine and enhance Polish language support by translating the English language file and submitting their contributions, fostering collaborative growth and ongoing development.

Exchange Rates and Live Exchange Integration

Exchange rates play a crucial role in cryptocurrency transactions, allowing businesses and consumers to understand the value of their holdings in fiat currency terms. The GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway has tapped into this necessity by integrating live exchange rates for a wide array of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Reddcoin, Speedcoin, Potcoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, and more. This integration offers a real-time conversion to fiat currencies like USD and EUR, providing users with up-to-date pricing information.

Implementing live exchange rate integration on a website simplifies the payment process by eliminating the need for external payment pages. It endows the platform with a seamlessly integrated experience, offering full customization and detailed statistics to streamline usage. Moreover, the plugins enhance transparency by providing the option to display crypto prices alongside fiat prices directly on the product page. This allows customers to make informed decisions based on the most current market data.

Businesses benefit from the capability to set prices for products or files in Bitcoin/Altcoin, in addition to leveraging the exchange rate multiplier feature to optionally increase the price in bitcoins by a certain percentage. To support the robust functioning of live exchange integrations, free technical support is available to assist with any implementation challenges, ensuring that cryptocurrency payment processing runs smoothly for both businesses and customers alike.

Using Poloniex.com Live Exchange

Poloniex.com Live Exchange is renowned for its ability to deliver real-time exchange rates for a range of popular cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash. Once integrated into a website, it removes the necessity to navigate to external pages for payment, providing hassle-free access to the latest cryptocurrency values.

Customization options are abundant with Poloniex.com Live Exchange. Users can tailor the plugin to showcase comprehensive statistics and immediately access live exchange rates for their selected cryptocurrencies. The utility of Poloniex.com Live Exchange spans across multiple WordPress plugins, such as Paid Memberships Pro, WP eCommerce, and Appthemes Premium Themes.

The integration equips businesses and users with the flexibility to accept payments in Bitcoin, altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies. Pricing can be set directly in BTC/altcoins or converted into traditional currencies such as USD and EUR, based on live exchange rates. This feature ensures that cryptocurrency transactions remain dynamic, reflecting market conditions in real-time.

Setting up Exchange Rates Websites

The GoUrl WordPress and PHP Payment Class plugin facilitates not only the integration with live exchange rates but also the automatic update of these rates from trusted websites like www.ecb.europa.eu and blockchain.info. This ensures that businesses and customers are provided with the most current and reliable financial data available.

To enhance the user experience, the plugin supports mobile-friendly payment boxes, crucial for today’s on-the-go lifestyle, where transactions are increasingly being carried out on mobile devices. Within the WooCommerce platform, the plugin also presents the valuable option to display cryptocurrency prices together with fiat prices on product pages, catering to the demand for price clarity among customers.

Contributing to the plugin’s inclusivity, French language support has become available through the efforts of Claudy, expanding its reach to French-speaking users worldwide. Additionally, the recent addition of White Label Products in the latest version 2.0 offers the freedom for businesses to customize the plugin with their own branding, providing a personalized and professional appearance to their payment gateways.

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