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SSlcommerz & bkash discount offers on online courses

Imagine clicking “checkout” on an online course you’ve been eyeing, only to discover that you qualify for a tempting discount just by choosing the right payment method. With the rise of digital education, the fusion of e-commerce and online payments is revolutionizing the way we learn. SSLCommerz and bKash are at the forefront of this movement in Bangladesh, offering more than just transactional capabilities.

Understanding how these platforms work is key to unlocking their potential benefits. bKash, a mobile financial service, and SSLCommerz, a payment gateway, provide secure and swift payment options that have become integral to the e-commerce landscape. Their services herald a new era of digital convenience, security, and speed, setting the standards for today’s online transactions.

This article delves into the exclusive SSLCommerz and bKash discount offers on online courses, exploring how these payment options enhance the online shopping experience, detailing the benefits they bring to the table, their integration into merchant platforms, and the security measures that ensure a seamless payment journey, ultimately enriching the customer experience.

Payment Options

In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, seamless and secure payment options are crucial for both customer satisfaction and business success. SSLCOMMERZ emerges as a leading facilitator in this sphere, offering digital payment gateways that are simple yet effective for online merchants in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2010, SSLCOMMERZ has significantly contributed to the growth of e-commerce by enabling businesses to accept a variety of online payment methods.

One of the magnetic elements of online shopping is the attractive discounts that can often be obtained. For customers looking to maximize savings, SSLCOMMERZ, in collaboration with bKash, presents a compelling offer. This partnership unlocks discounts of up to 40% on online courses when shoppers choose SSLCOMMERZ as the payment gateway while paying with bKash. With bKash, the discounts are not only generous but also come with a maximum discount limit per transaction based on the merchant’s policy, ensuring that a broad range of customers can enjoy the benefits.

To qualify for these discounts, customers must adhere to various minimum order values stipulated by the respective online courses. This clearly speaks to the importance of understanding the campaign terms, which outline the qualifying criteria for these discounts during the entire campaign period.

bKash Payment

bKash Payment stands as a beacon of financial inclusivity and convenience, enabling customers to partake in discounts merely by using a correct coupon code to transact with specified merchant accounts. However, discretion is advised as bKash maintains the authority to revoke offer payouts in instances of suspected customer abuse or irregular transaction behavior.

It’s critical for customers to ensure they have an active account status with a sufficient balance to avail these offers. While bKash endeavors to process offer payments promptly, they acknowledge the possibility of delays due to unforeseen issues. Should such a status issue arise, customers are encouraged to engage bKash support channels for assistance with any unresolved discount-related queries. It’s worth noting that in the event of non-delivery of a product, the responsibility lies with the merchant, as bKash’s role is confined to the facilitation of the payment service, rather than the enforcement of delivery.

SSLCommerz Payment Gateway

The SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway is distinguished as the pioneering payment solution in Bangladesh, paving the way for online stores to embrace digital payments. By integrating this gateway, merchants can offer their customers the flexibility to pay using local credit/debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and DBBL Nexus Card, all processed in the local currency of Bangladeshi Taka.

SSLCOMMERZ is not only about opening doors for merchants to receive incoming transactions but also about protecting sensitive data with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology for every successful transaction. To further ensure merchant and customer confidence, they provide a 30-day free support window accompanied by a money-back guarantee, subject to specific campaign terms and conditions. This aligns with the company’s dedication to deliver a secure and supportive online purchase environment.

Benefits of Digital Payments

Digital payments have revolutionized the way transactions are conducted in the modern e-Commerce landscape, offering a host of advantages that benefit both consumers and businesses. With payment gateways like SSLCOMMERZ, the complexity of handling cash is replaced by the convenience and efficiency of online transactions. Among the chief benefits are the simplicity and effectiveness of collecting payments, reinforcing the need for businesses to stay current in a digitally-driven economy. Moreover, as online shopping continues to surge, the reliability of digital payments has become increasingly vital in facilitating and processing legitimate transactions, ensuring that online businesses continue to thrive.


Utilizing the SSLCOMMERZ payment gateway represents a step towards utmost convenience in the eCommerce realm. Not only does it allow customers to enjoy seamless and priority service, but it also acts as a reliable channel for secure information transfer between merchants’ shopping portals and financial bodies. This aspect of convenience is amplified when customers, during designated campaign periods, can avail themselves of substantial savings by using bKash in conjunction with the SSLCOMMERZ platform. The enhanced efficiency and cost-saving measures that these gateways introduce are a testament to how valuable this convenience is to the modern shopper.


In an age where digital security is paramount, SSLCOMMERZ underscores its commitment to safety with SSL/TLS certification, guaranteeing the encryption and protection of sensitive payment data during every online transaction. Backed by SSL Wireless, a leader in Fintech and ITeS services, the platform adheres to rigorous standards, including PCI DSS & ISO:27001 compliance, to ensure the highest level of security. As the largest payment gateway aggregator in Bangladesh, SSLCOMMERZ is recognized for securing the communication pathways that necessitate the safety and confidentiality of customer data during every transaction, thereby nurturing a secure purchasing environment.


The agility provided by payment gateways, like that of SSLCOMMERZ, significantly optimizes the speed of online payments. A swift electronic transaction process is more than just a convenience—it’s an expectation among customers in the fast-paced digital realm. In Bangladesh’s fast-growing online payments market, quick and reliable payment processing through platforms like SSLCOMMERZ has come to represent a core aspect of e-commerce efficiency. This need for speed is well addressed as these gateways facilitate the instantaneous transfer of information, streamlining the entire purchasing process and solidifying customer trust in the digital marketplace.

By adhering to these digital advantages, SSLCOMMERZ along with bKash’s discount offers for online courses not only add value to the customer’s purchase journey but also stand as a testament to the transformative power of digital payment solutions in the contemporary online shopping experience.

Online Shopping Experience

The landscape of online shopping in Bangladesh has been remarkably transformed through strategic collaborations between payment service providers. Customers engaging in this digital marketplace are now at a significant advantage with the advent of pioneering discount offers propelled by SSLCOMMERZ and bKash. As the synergy of these payment services unfolds, shoppers can indulge in the sheer joys of e-commerce with up to a 40% markdown on their online purchases. This breathtaking opportunity is not fleeting; it spans until the 10th of April, 2024, affording consumers a generous timeframe to revel in their online shopping escapades.

Participating in this grand campaign are prestigious merchants such as Techland, Apex, Bata, Hossain Enterprise, Gorur Ghash, Sneaker Pimp, Unishop, and more, each providing sensational discounts that come with defined minimum order values and maximum discount caps per transaction. At the heart of these transactions is the SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway, a beacon of trust ensuring that every online deal sealed with bKash is as seamless as it is secure. The integration has become an invaluable asset for merchants who are eager to welcome the growing number of customers preferring online payment methods in Bangladesh’s bustling digital economy.

Integration Woes

In every promising initiative, challenges are inevitable. A seamless shopping experience relies heavily on the proper selection of SSLCOMMERZ as the payment gateway. It’s essential for customers to harness bKash for settling their online purchases to gain eligibility for the coveted course discounts ranging from 10% to 40%. The campaign timelines have been carefully crafted, running across various dates such as from the 1st to the 29th of April 2023, and culminating in the lengthy stretch from the 12th of March to the 10th of April, 2024, designed to encourage participation and reward transaction behavior.

Merchants like Medhabir Supernova and the School of Banking Bangladesh have come on board, adding an intellectual flavor to the shopping spree by offering discounts on online courses as well. However, it is crucial to understand that bKash and SSLCOMMERZ hold the rights to revise the campaign terms, usher in fresh merchant partnerships, or in extreme cases, pull the plug on discounts to address any unforeseen issues stemming from customer transactions that may give rise to suspicions of benefit abuse.

Seamless Integration

Beyond the confines of conventional shopping, a robust bridge connects customers, online courses, and e-learning platforms with financial ease and empowerment. This seamless integration between bKash and SSLCOMMERZ has not merely opened the doors for merchants but has significantly enlightened the path of digital learning. Customers are invited to immerse themselves in this experience as they please throughout the active campaign period, manifesting in continual learning and purchase opportunities bound by attractive discounts.

While merchants such as Techland, Apex, and Bata have magnanimously offered up to a 10% discount, aligning their policies with respective transaction limits, the realm of e-learning hasn’t fallen behind. Caterers of knowledge like Medhabir Supernova and Kids Brain Builder are partaking in this digital crusade, imparting wisdom while assenting to discounts as high as 20%, provided orders meet certain minimum values.

The ripples of digital payments continue to unfurl across the sea of e-commerce, and the alliance of bKash and SSLCOMMERZ stands as a lighthouse—guiding the way of consumers toward a shore replete with discounts, knowledge, and contentment.

Discounts and Offers

Embark on a journey of intellectual growth and make the most of your e-learning endeavors with the exclusive discounts and offers available for a limited time. By choosing SSLCOMMERZ as your payment gateway in conjunction with bKash Payment, you unlock the potential to receive staggering discounts of up to 40% on a variety of online courses. This opportunity is not a one-off; customers can reap the benefits of these substantial markdowns multiple times throughout the campaign period, ensuring their educational aspirations are consistently within reach.

The campaign’s success hinges on the unwavering partnership of selected merchants, each dedicated to providing valuable knowledge at a reduced cost. Be mindful, though, as some online courses might come with minimum order values set by the respective merchants. These must be met to qualify for the discounts. Rest assured, as long as you manage to make successful transactions through bKash via the trusted SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway, the discount on your online course purchases is guaranteed.

It is important to stay attuned to the campaign’s pulse, as bKash & SSLCOMMERZ reserve the rights to alter the campaign terms and conditions. These potential changes could include the addition or deletion of partner merchants and tweaks to the discount structures, tailoring the campaign to provide the best outcomes for all participants.

Discount Limits

Online shopping is made even sweeter with tailored discount limits specifically designed to cater to a range of customer needs. Certain merchants demand a minimum order value to tap into the offered discounts – these values range from a modest BDT 100 to a more substantial BDT 20,000. It’s a small step to ensure mutual benefits for both customer and merchant.

Merchants have also implemented a cap on discounts per transaction to maintain fairness and availability for all participants. Customers can expect to save anywhere from BDT 150 to BDT 5,000, depending on the transaction and the merchant’s policy. As a rule of thumb, the discounts offered by these online educators typically fall within an inviting bracket of 10% to 20%.

The pleasure of shopping doesn’t end there; the campaign’s generous terms mean you can avail yourself of these discounts time and again throughout the entire campaign period, provided you’re making your online service purchases through SSLCOMMERZ with bKash payment.

Discount Coupons

In addition to the year-round bargains, special occasions bring more joy with exclusive discount coupons. Make your Eid shopping experience both festive and economical by applying the coupon code M24 when you make a payment using bKash. This code gifts you a delightful 10% off your purchases, with a maximum discount reaching up to BDT 100.

The bounty of savings doesn’t stop at a single use—embrace the spirit of Eid by using this discount coupon up to 3 times, accumulating savings of up to BDT 300 during the campaign period. All it takes is a minimum bKash Payment of BDT 500 along with the magical coupon code M24. As you navigate through the wares of various online merchants, remember that the discount percentages and maximum limits per transaction may vary, but the joy of saving doesn’t.

Payment Process

In today’s fast-paced digital world, secure and efficient payment processes are crucial to the success of e-commerce, and payment gateways like SSLCOMMERZ are at the heart of this operation. Facilitators of secure fund transfers, these gateways are a bridge between customers and merchants, ensuring that your distance learning does not get disrupted due to payment hassles.

With the significant growth of internet users in Bangladesh and the rise in preference for online payments, especially in the post-pandemic era, SSLCOMMERZ has become a favored choice for online transactions. For those eager to enhance their knowledge through online courses, discounts are within reach with the simple act of selecting SSLCOMMERZ as your payment gateway and completing the purchase through bKash.

Merchants across various e-learning platforms have recognized the value of these digital payments, offering discounts ranging from a tempting 10% to a whopping 50% based on diverse minimum order values. Students and lifelong learners alike can capitalize on these discounts, but it is essential to act swiftly as these offer periods have specific validity. Keep in mind the terms set out for each discount and make sure they are availed within the campaign period to enjoy the full extent of the educational benefits.

Payment Validation Complexities

The path to a successful payment involves more technical underpinnings than one might expect. Payment validation stands out as a technical complexity, requiring the use of an HTTP IPN Listener that comes into play particularly when customers face connectivity issues. This tool is necessary to ensure that incoming transactions are duly updated in the merchant’s database, thereby capturing the essence of each transaction’s activity and confirming successful payments.

At times when transaction behavior requires further scrutiny, the status of a customer’s payment can be queried using the session ID via an API provided by the payment service. This proves instrumental in addressing unforeseen issues, such as payment status issues, by utilizing the session query API for a robust follow-up.

SSLCommerz, being PCI DSS Level-1 certified, prides itself on possessing a highly secure system that not only complies with regulatory standards but also supports customer account status checks seamlessly. With over 30 payment methods, including debit cards, mobile banking, and even EMI options, SSLCOMMERZ promises a versatile payment solution, ensuring there’s always a way for every customer to maintain an active account status—and sufficient balance—for their online purchases.

Cross Platform Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway technology is the cornerstone of modern e-commerce, serving as a critical cross-platform tool that simplifies the payment procedure for both merchants and customers. Gateways like SSLCOMMERZ are equipped to manage transaction activity from virtually any online platform, presenting a variety of payment options to satisfy the diverse preferences of the online shopper.

As a cross-platform payment gateway, SSLCOMMERZ enables a seamless flow of information between different e-commerce systems and financial entities. This interoperability is fundamental in ensuring that each online purchase—be it a course, a gadget, or any service—transitions smoothly from the “Add to Cart” stage to a successful transaction.

An effective payment gateway not only supports a multitude of transactions but also bolsters trust. Payment gateway aggregators like SSLCOMMERZ filter and transmit only legitimate transactions to processors, safeguarding the doors for merchants against fraudulent activities. For an online merchant, this is essential to build customer confidence and maintain a strong merchant policy.

Additionally, in a rapidly evolving digital economy, the integration of payment gateways is indispensable. By providing robust security measures against credit card fraud and other payment-related threats, platforms like SSLCOMMERZ do not just process payments—they fortify the trust that is paramount for the ever-expanding universe of online education and shopping.

Ensuring Payment Security

In the realm of e-commerce, SSLCOMMERZ stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, making strides since its inception in 2010 to become the first payment gateway in Bangladesh. It has revolutionized the way merchants receive transactions, holding the fort on security and convenience. Customers are afforded the luxury of purchasing online with ease, utilizing credit cards, and bank accounts, all without the cumbersome requirement of registration.

As the largest payment aggregator in the region, SSLCOMMERZ is leading the way in Bangladesh’s FinTech industry, catering to digital payments with a commitment to seamless and secure transactions. When customers check out their virtual carts, SSLCOMMERZ forms a direct connection to their banking institutions, ensuring not a hitch in their online shopping journey.

Supporting multi-store setups, SSLCOMMERZ extends its functionality with features like immediate payment confirmations and a variety of refund methods, demonstrating its commitment to a frictionless payment landscape where merchants and consumers can engage in digital transactions with unparalleled ease and confidence.

Payment Data Security Standards

Upholding the highest standards of payment data security is a non-negotiable in today’s digital space, and SSLCOMMERZ has cemented its reputation in this regard by being fully PCI DSS compliant. This globally recognized standard is synonymous with secure online transactions, and SSLCOMMERZ’s adherence to PCI DSS is a testament to its unwavering dedication to data security.

Persevering in its commitment, SSLCOMMERZ is subject to rigorous audits and quarterly tests by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to ensure PCI DSS compliance remains in check. The gateway fortifies customer trust through tokenization, replacing sensitive card numbers with tokens, thereby obstructing potential data theft and enhancing overall security.

Hardened security protocols such as EV SSL and ISO 27001 compliance serve as additional layers of protection, shielding user data like a digital fortress. SSLCOMMERZ’s dedicated fraud control team, bolstered by independent data centers and sophisticated anti-fraud systems, ensures business operations run smoothly while keeping user information out of harm’s way.

Secure Payment Experience

At the pinnacle of payment security stands SSLCOMMERZ, whose Level-1 PCI DSS certification underscores the robustness of its payment system. Adhering to the most rigorous of regulatory standards, it offers a wide array of payment options—over 30 in fact—including cards, mobile banking, internet banking, and e-wallets to cater to every customer’s preference.

SSLCOMMERZ’s secure and seamless payment experiences are rounded out with the instant gratification of immediate payment confirmations. This, together with ease of integration for merchants, especially those managing multi-store arrangements, showcases an ecosystem designed to nurture trust and efficiency.

To serve the needs of diverse e-commerce setups, SSLCOMMERZ provides a payment plugin that not only ensures effortless integration but also comes packed with features like stress-free refunds. This level of attentiveness towards both user convenience and security sets SSLCOMMERZ apart, ensuring every transaction is not just a transfer of funds, but also a hallmark of reliability and security.

Payment Partners

Payment Partners play a critical role in the e-commerce ecosystem, bridging the gap between consumers and merchants by providing secure and convenient payment solutions. In Bangladesh, SSLCOMMERZ has emerged as a dominant force in the e-commerce market, making strides in the industry since its establishment in 2010. It has secured its position by ensuring that online transactions are not only smooth but also secure for all parties involved.

In a significant move to enhance online shopping experiences, SSLCOMMERZ has collaborated with bKash, one of the leading mobile financial service providers in the country. This partnership has materialized in the form of attractive discount offers, specifically designed to benefit customers who opt for digital payment methods during their online purchases.

Customers can now enjoy up to 12% off on fruit purchases from a selection of online marketplaces when they pay using bKash through the SSLCOMMERZ payment gateway. This initiative is not restricted to just fruits; the discount offers span across various products and services provided by selected merchants. It’s important to note that these discount perks are only available during specified campaign periods, underlining the importance of keeping an eye on the promotional calendars.

These discounts are a testament to SSLCOMMERZ’s commitment to providing value-added services to its customers. The company is widely recognized for its state-of-the-art technology that enables electronic payments through a myriad of e-commerce platforms within Bangladesh, further fortifying its presence as a leading payment aggregator.

Payment Brands

SSLCOMMERZ empowers merchants to accept payments online through an array of channels tailored to the preferences of the local market. This includes support for the use of local credit/debit cards, internet banking, and mobile financial services among other modes. The versatility of these payment options ensures that different consumer preferences and transaction behaviors are catered to, fostering inclusivity in the digital payments landscape.

Merchants looking to integrate SSLCOMMERZ will find comfort in the simplicity of the system. The platform offers straightforward integration solutions that are compatible with popular platforms and programming languages, enabling a smooth and seamless inclusion into existing merchant systems.

In an effort to enhance payment flexibility, SSLCOMMERZ offers more than 30 customizable payment plans and extended support for over 25 banks through EMI options. This allows consumers the freedom to choose a payment method that best suits their financial situation. Furthermore, as one of the select organizations authorized with a PSO license by Bangladesh Bank, and being PCI DSS certified, SSLCOMMERZ reassures merchants and consumers alike of the transaction’s integrity and security.

By enabling businesses to accept payments in assorted local currencies, SSLCOMMERZ opens the doors for merchants to tap into the international market. This feature not only attracts foreign customers but also works to boost conversion rates, expanding the potential reach of local businesses beyond borders.

Payment System Operators

As a licensed Payment Systems Operator (PSO) by Bangladesh Bank, SSLCOMMERZ occupies a paramount position within the nation’s financial infrastructure. Being PCI DSS compliant aligns SSLCOMMERZ with international best practices for payment data security—a globe-spanning standard that builds user confidence and trust in the system.

The company’s dedication to maintaining the highest security measures involves periodic assessments and rigorous audits conducted by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). These evaluations are a part of SSLCOMMERZ’s regular procedures, happening quarterly, to verify and sustain the compliance status of their systems.

Recertification on an annual basis is a non-negotiable for SSLCOMMERZ, underscoring its perpetual commitment to staying in line with the evolving PCI DSS standards. The training and vigilance exercised ensures that compliance is not just an achievement but a continued practice.

SSLCOMMERZ’s role as a payment gateway is pivotal in fostering a secure and legitimate environment for online transactions. The company not only provides a platform for such transactions but also reassures businesses and consumers of the dependability and safety of each exchange taking place under its watch.

Transaction Issues

During the excitement of big discount offers, it’s possible that customers may encounter a hiccup or two. A common issue that can occur is wrong payments. The process for addressing wrong payments is straightforward but requires patience. Customers who find themselves in this predicament can rest assured that bKash will address these issues post-campaign. They will need to present their claims, and upon successful validation, amendments will be made. This careful examination ensures a fair resolution for all parties involved and maintains the integrity of bKash Payment service.

Wrong Payments

Handling wrong payments is a delicate process and as such, it is reserved for after the campaign period to ensure thorough evaluation. If customers suspect that a payment error has been made, they can reach out to bKash through available communication channels such as phone, email, or even live chat. It is essential, however, for customers to note that bKash reserves the right to cancel any offer payouts if there is a suspicion of transaction abuse. Furthermore, one must bear in mind that the eligibility for offers is partially determined by the customer account having an active status with incoming transactions. In the rare occurrence of delayed discount payments, which can be attributed to unforeseen issues, customers are urged to contact bKash support for assistance. Be mindful that campaign terms and merchant participation are subject to change and offers can be canceled with no prior notice as per bKash’s discretion.

Transaction Status

To keep a keen eye on the status of a transaction, users have the advantage of leveraging an API call with a specific session ID. This system enables precise and real-time query capabilities for users who wish to gather information about their transaction activity. For an accurate and up-to-date payment validation, enabling an HTTP Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Listener is recommended. This ensures that the database is updated accordingly even in the event of connectivity issues, thereby providing customers with reliable status updates. Whether you’re a merchant or a customer, understanding and effectively utilizing these API tools is crucial for managing respective transaction activities and ensuring efficient resolution of any status issue that may arise.

In embracing this wide array of digital tools and services offered by payment gateways like SSLCOMMERZ and payment services like bKash, customers and online merchants benefit from a more streamlined and secure transaction process. Both entities have indeed revolutionized online payments and shopping in Bangladesh, making it easier, more efficient, and more attractive to a growing base of digital consumers.

Merchant Policies

Guidelines for Participating Merchants

Online merchants have set forth a collection of policies to ensure the smoothening of the SSLCommerz and bKash discount campaign process. The succeeding provides a snapshot of these guidelines:

  • Transaction Consideration: A foundational policy states that only successful transactions will be acknowledged for the discount. In the scenario of a refund, each merchant’s policy will come into play to determine the procedure.
  • Offer Modifications: Merchants have the unmatched autonomy to modify or discard the offer’s terms and conditions upon their discretion at any given time without providing prior notice to customers.
  • Merchant Participation: Throughout the entire campaign, merchants have the liberty to join or disengage with the campaign. The framework of the discount offer, including its magnitude, can be subject to change during the campaign period.
  • Suspicious Transactions: A vigilante approach is exercised when it comes to transaction behavior. Merchants can abort the discount if they deduce any suspicious activities regarding transactions made by customers.
  • Offer Reusability: An encouraging aspect of the campaign is its reusability. Customers can avail themselves of the discounts multiple times, as long as the payments meet the specified criteria set for eligibility during the campaign period.

Merchant Websites

Exclusive Discounts on Educational Pursuits During the campaign period, a series of distinguished online education platforms are offering valuable discounts to customers who select SSLCOMMERZ as the payment gateway and perform transactions through bKash. Participating entities such as Medhabir Supernova, Kids Brain Builder, and CoderClans, manifest the diversification of learning by offering reductions ranging from 10% to 40%.

For instance, Kids Brain Builder mandates a baseline order value of BDT 500 for the discount’s applicability, while German Language Institute escalates this threshold to BDT 2,000. A specific instance is Sudoksho.com, pitching in with a discount of 26% with the terms stipulating a minimum order value of BDT 400 and capping the discount at BDT 500 for each transaction.

The campaign’s expansiveness facilitates discounts on broader educational avenues such as language and banking courses, as long as the SSLCOMMERZ and bKash duo is employed in the transaction.

Individual Merchant Accounts

Transaction-to-Transaction Offers Personal bKash accounts come under the scrutiny of respective merchant policies when engaging in transactions. Below are key points that navigate customer interaction with individual merchant accounts.

  • Transaction Success: Offers will be appreciated and executed upon successfully completing transactions to the respective merchant accounts via the customer’s bKash account.
  • Right to Withdraw Offer: bKash watches over transactional integrity and reserves the right to withhold the offer pay-out if any transaction exhibits symptoms of abuse.
  • Product Non-Delivery: In the unwelcomed event of a product not being delivered by the merchant, bKash is not tethered to replace the customer’s eligibility limit for the offer.
  • Offer Consumption: The particular transaction’s offer is deemed exhausted even with the non-delivery of a product, assimilating the offer as a part of the transaction itself.
  • Disbursement Attempts: bKash adds a layer of customer care by committing to three manual retries of the offer disbursement within a span of two months should it be inhibited by unforeseen issues.

Customer Experience

Enhance your online learning journey with exceptional payment convenience and enticing bKash and SSLCOMMERZ discount offers on e-courses! SSLCOMMERZ, complying with PCI DSS Level-1, guarantees a secure and seamless payment process. Its user-centric approach allows for secure OTP-based access for saved cards, elevating your transaction safety and simplicity. Plus, their developer-friendly API means smooth integration and a flawless checkout across all platforms, ensuring your payment experience is as responsive as it is reliable.

Experience the synergy of SSLCOMMERZ and bKash that unlocks value, offering up to 40% off on a plethora of online courses, perfect for enhancing your skills from the comfort of your home. Additionally, dive into up to 50% discounts on online shopping, making it more than just a gateway to education, but also to a world of savings. Enjoy these perks with confidence, thanks to bKash’s proven track record in facilitating hassle-free digital payments.

Get ready to merge savings with knowledge – all it takes is a few clicks, and you’re on your way to smarter spending and learning with bKash and SSLCOMMERZ.

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